Appraisal and valuation of the catering industry
We arrange the valuation and valuation of your hospitality real estate

Appraisal and valuation of your catering facility?

Are you planning to have your restaurant, hotel or café appraised? Do you want to determine the value of your catering business? Or do you want to know what value you must pass on to, for example, the tax authorities?

Valuing hospitality real estate and business operations is a specialism. In addition to the required market knowledge, economic aspects, financial data and legislation and regulations are essential to arrive at a good market value. Our valuation reports meet the requirements as set by industry associations, associations and financial institutions.

At HAP Horecamakelaardij we have everything in-house to provide you with the right service. We are specialized in the appraisal and valuation of your catering industry throughout the Netherlands!
We are happy to help you with the appraisal and valuation of your catering business!

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Why taxation catering and business operations?

The valuation of exploitation-related real estate, including hospitality real estate, is indispensable in a financing application, sale, purchase, business expansion or merger. In order to arrive at the correct value, we usually use three calculation methods.

The most commonly used methods are the profitability value, commercial rental value and the rental value capitalization method. But future goodwill value is also looked at using a DCF method.

The calculation methods are extensively substantiated in our valuation reports. Our hospitality appraisal reports meet the requirements as set by industry associations, associations and financial institutions. An appraisal for the hospitality industry is a specialization in itself. For example, we not only look at the value of catering business premises, but also at catering operations.

For an appraisal of a catering company, we look at the value of the inventory on the one hand and the value of the goodwill on the other. The earning capacity of the company plays a major role in such a catering valuation. The level of the charges, including rental charges, influence the value of the business operation.

We also appraise the rental value of your catering property. In this way we can determine the market rent or economic rental value. We usually determine the market value and/or the foreclosure value for catering business premises and valuations thereof. Strict rules apply to hospitality appraisals due to the vulnerability and sensitivity of the information.


Would you like advice for your catering industry?

Do you need advice on business operations, financial aspects or perhaps your business plan?

Our strategic cooperation partner First Mate is ready to provide you with catering advice.

They help, among other things, in guiding starting entrepreneurs, guiding financing applications, setting up a marketing strategy and many other activities.


Immediate help with appraisal and valuation of your catering facility?

HAP Horecamakelaardij is the catering broker in your region and is happy to help you!


Many have gone before you!

We are a reliable partner when it comes to appraising and determining the value of your catering facility. In addition, we have more than 20 years of experience in valuing catering establishments.

That is why many have already preceded you with a good result.

If you have become curious, we have made a list of customers who have already used our services.


Goodwill and valuation hospitality

We often value goodwill as part of the catering business. Goodwill is actually a valuation of the company's expected future profits. In addition to goodwill, we often assess the company inventory and furnishings, including tables, chairs and kitchen.

A less well-known phenomenon is the “tenant's interest”. By tenant's interest we mean all nature and solid facilities that the tenant invests in the rented property at his own expense and risk. This may include architectural improvements or, for example, an integrated air treatment system.

You may need an appraisal of your hospitality business for various reasons. The most obvious reason is to see whether the price you are willing to pay for a company is in line with the market. But also for (re)financing applications, a catering valuation is often mandatory.

We use a fixed protocol for a valuation. That starts with the application, followed by a detailed order confirmation. We will work on this basis. We come by for an extensive recording on site and then look at all the ins and outs of your catering business and/or your catering business premises.

The above information is then all included in a catering valuation.
In order to be sure that the correct matters are included in the business operation valuation report, we carry out investigations at the municipality, the Chamber of Commerce, the Land Registry and, if desired, other authorities.

For our data, we use our own large archive and external sources such as real estate data, the Chamber of Commerce and the Land Registry. All data combined and with the appraiser's intuitive judgment then create an objective valuation report.


The added value of a catering broker in the case of catering bankruptcy

It is well known that these are turbulent times for the catering industry. Certainly the longer COVID-19 is with us and remains possible. In addition, there are (forced) government measures for the catering industry that keep coming back. And more and more catering companies are voluntarily or forced to stop.

Continued catering bankruptcy

In some cases, a catering bankruptcy is inevitable and the judge will appoint a supervisory judge and a trustee for the company in question. 

In short, this means that the bankruptcy trustee liquidates (settles) or restarts the bankrupt company. The basic principle is that as much money as possible is collected, with which part or all of the claims of the creditors can be met.

Bankrupt, curator, catering broker

In the event of a catering bankruptcy, the sales prices in a foreclosure sale are well below the appraised sales values, according to previous appraisal reports. There are various reasons for this. 

The main reason is that the company is no longer in operation. If a separate sale of the inventory is chosen, a new operator will have significant investments for the hospitality business premises (architectural, infrastructure) and business inventory. 

This is the most chosen option, but the separate inventory and auction of an empty catering property unfortunately leads to unnecessary destruction of capital.

Catering bankruptcy at rental property

In the event of bankruptcy of a catering business conducted in a rental property, the trustee in bankruptcy has the option of terminating the lease and selling the inventory in execution. And checks whether the inventory in its entirety (in the building) can be resold.

Consultation with the landlord and/or a current lease agreement is essential in this regard. In order to achieve maximum yield from the estate, it is important to start the going concern sale procedure as soon as possible. 

Or at least with the sale of the assets as a whole, because this is exactly where the added value of the catering broker lies. The catering broker takes the work off the curator's hands and ensures a higher yield from the estate. All sides win in this situation.

With our large network, we as HAP brokers reach all candidates who are looking for a catering company in a short time. At a competitive price and of course we ensure a professional settlement of the file.


What do customers think?

Jeroen is a real professional. He works adequately and is aware of everything.
His all-round knowledge comes in handy when drafting complicated contracts.
In this way he also makes this part of the process understandable for everyone.
Theo Miedema (Port of Zandvoort)
I can certainly recommend HAP Horecamakelaardij. They are flexible, honest and think along with you.
Atacan Uslu (Corendon Hotels & Resorts)
I had all kinds of questions about doing business on a beach. If HAP Horecamakelaardij did not have an immediate answer, they went after it. Adequate and very pleasant!
Wessel Teune (Beach Club Nius)
Communication is short and to the point. Jeroen Pontenagel is easily accessible and has a flexible attitude. Very pleasant for busy entrepreneurs!
Aagtje Docter (Beach Club No5)
On the advice of a fellow entrepreneur, we ended up with Jeroen Pontenagel of HAP Horecamakelaardij. Jeroen is well-known from the Zwolle catering industry and had also successfully supervised the sale of that conscious entrepreneur. The feeling was good right away, so we didn't look any further!
Ton and Annette van Riele (Grand Café Public)
Hap is a specialized catering broker. Jeroen has found a very nice location for us, where we have been running our restaurant for 2 years now. He understands the market and gives honest advice.
Hermanus Flowers
The hospitality broker with a personal approach. Even received a crib as a gift for our first child. Bought my catering business from and sold with HAP.
Lotte Berkelmans
Would you like an appraisal and/or valuation of your catering industry?

HAP Horecamakelaardij is happy to help you with the valuation of hospitality real estate and business operations!

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