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The active catering broker for the whole of the Netherlands

We, if catering brokers, are active throughout the Netherlands and have an enormous network within the Dutch catering industry. Our target group consists of medium-sized and larger catering companies and know many catering owners personally. We also have a lot of contact with fellow (catering) brokers and account managers who work at breweries, wholesalers and wine merchants. An added value to our network. We also speak with development and expansion managers of, for example, KFC, Loetje, McDonalds and other large catering chains. They are all part of our network. And partly because of our networking, we can ultimately mediate as well as possible in the takeover of catering companies and catering locations.

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The active catering broker: Local knowledge and awareness is important!

Local knowledge and awareness is of great importance to be able to do our work well. The knowledge is necessary for catering rental and catering sales. A new tenant or buyer of a property would like to know about the existing catering offer in the area. And when a new catering company is established, how the environment views the arrival of this catering industry. What are the possible expectations or objections?

If a catering property is for sale, a brief desk research is often sufficient to determine the marketability (of a hotel, for example). We have gained this knowledge through our many years of experience. But also location investigations and visits ensure that we can properly inform the client about the location, the catering building and the catering company. The active catering broker cannot do without relevant data.


The active catering broker cannot do without data

We collect this important data in our own CRM systems. But we also obtain, for example, reference transactions, real estate data and information from other catering brokers or fundain business. Our system processes this data and links everything together systematically. This way the searcher or candidate will see the right offer. And we are well informed about price developments in hospitality real estate or hospitality business operations. We can also monitor search volumes and changing demand in order to respond effectively to changing circumstances in the hospitality market.

The correct use of data in combination with the contacts within our huge network makes us the active catering broker for the whole of the Netherlands. A national network with local knowledge ensures that the sale of your restaurant, café, snack bar, cafeteria, hotel, beach pavilion or complete catering group is in good hands with us.

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