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Rent review

If you rent or let a catering property long enough, you are entitled to a reasonable rent. However, it is difficult to estimate whether the current rent is reasonable.

It is even more difficult to actually review the rent, if it is too high or too low. HAP Horecataxaties can assist both the tenant and the landlord with the rent review.

Fill in your details on the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible for an appointment. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam we come by for an intake free of charge. Outside of Amsterdam and Rotterdam we only charge a travel allowance!

During the intake we explain the possibilities and impossibilities as well as an explanation of the costs. After the intake interview, you will only receive a short and concise report with the possibilities and impossibilities with regard to the rent, only if it really makes sense. This is the basis for the negotiations with the other party!

A new rental price is set for a period of five years!

We are happy to help you review the rental price.
You can call us at +31 (0) 85 - 760 02 29 or email at info@hap-horecamakelaardij.nl.

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