Selling catering
We arrange the complete sale of exploitation or real estate

Your catering company to sell?

Have you found another catering property and are you about to catering business to sell? And is there no one in your family willing to take over the business? Then there is no other option than to sell your catering business to a third party.

We understand better than anyone that after years of hard work you do not want to sell your catering business to just anyone, but to someone who will take care of your business. Someone who retains existing customers and continues the business as you always envisioned. 

The catering brokers of HAP Horecamakelaardij are specialists in the purchase and sale of catering establishments in North Holland, South Holland, among others., Friesland, Flevoland, Brabant, Drenthe, Zeeland or Utrecht.

We assist you throughout the entire process and take care of your sales. Drawing up a valuation, compiling a brochure and arranging viewings. At HAP Horecamakelaardij we have everything in-house to provide you with the right service when selling your catering business.

The course of a sales process cannot be predicted; there will always be unexpected things. Our knowledge of these processes ensures that we can respond to surprises. Flexibility is a requirement here. In addition, it requires thorough knowledge and an accurate working method.

Are you looking for a new catering facility?

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Why HAP Hospitality brokerage?

We work nationwide from
three regional offices

More than 20
years of experience

We operate nationwide

No cure no pay

Independent deal maker

A large network

to the point
object information

Involved, integer
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Sell ​​catering business, and now?

´I plan to sell my restaurant, what should I think about? Will my staff end up on the street? How do I find someone to buy my restaurant? And how do I find an expert party who can arrange the sale of my restaurant?´

These are all questions that come up when you plan to sell your restaurant. HAP Horecamakelaardij has the right knowledge and many years of experience to expertly assist you with the sales process. We look further than just your catering business. 

It is just as important that you have a good feeling about the sale and eventual transfer. And because we have a large database of interested buyers for your catering business, we can present your restaurant, hotel or, for example, grand café to the right people.


Large network for the sale of your catering business

HAP Horecamakelaardij has built up a large network in recent years. Our office has a database with a large number of interested buyers (4.500 registered searchers), so that we always bring your catering business to the attention of the right people. 

Once we have found a suitable match, we will connect you with this buyer and it will be a lot easier for you to sell your catering business. You get a feel for the buyer and you can find out what path he or she wants to take with your business.

When selling your catering business, we ensure that your catering business is put on the map both locally and nationally, in order to generate a large reach. We do this by registering your catering business on various sites and of course also promoting it on ours!


Immediate help with the selling your catering business?

HAP Horecamakelaardij is the catering broker in your region and is happy to help you with the sale of your catering!


Checklist in the sale of catering

Would you like to have your catering business sold by the brokers of HAP Horecamakelaardij? To prepare you in advance, we have prepared a checklist. 

With this checklist for the sale of your catering business you have a good idea of ​​what you should pay attention to when selling your catering business.

Download the checklist immediately!


Restaurant sold

Do you want to sell your restaurant? Have you thought about tackling this in collaboration with us as a catering broker? We can guide you well in this process. We have expertise and, not unimportantly, we have a large network. Selling a restaurant is familiar territory for us!

The biggest advantage of working with HAP Horecamakelaardij is that we know the catering market well. Very well. We have successfully completed many mediations over the years and know exactly what is involved in the sale of your restaurant.

Our goal is to realize a good price for your catering company, but also that the process and settlement run in a pleasant and professional manner. What you can stand behind, whatever your sequel is going to be. A new catering business or perhaps a pension?

Is your catering property going up for sale? Let HAP catering brokerage guide the process.


Your catering sales of a to Z regularly!

Are you planning to sell your catering business in collaboration with HAP Horecamakelaardij? Then we relieve you during the entire process. We arrange the sale of your catering industry from A to Z! For example, you can think of creating brochures and determining the sales price, but we also arrange viewings for you.

We know the market inside and out and, thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly how to proceed with the sale of catering. Do you want to sell your catering property quickly and correctly? Then you are definitely at the right place at HAP Horecamakelaardij!


The process to sell your catering business

The sale of a catering business is never the same. If it goes very smoothly for one, it causes a lot of problems for another. Despite the unpredictability of the hospitality sales trajectory, it will broadly look like this:


Here we get to know you and your company. Together with you, we collect all relevant and necessary data for the sale of your catering business.

We then draw up an action plan for the sales process and record the agreements in a service contract.

Valuation / asking price

On the basis of all collected data, we make a valuation, which forms the basis for the asking price.

We will determine this together with you, after which Horeca Advies Partners will offer the company on the market.


A good presentation is everything! We are therefore compiling a brochure, which serves as the first information for interested parties. Of course we bring your company to the attention with this brochure on our own website and other well-known catering sites.

If you prefer not to market your company openly (for the time being), that is of course also possible.


Our network is our added value. This makes finding a buyer easier than you might think.

In some cases, the future buyer of the company is already known (to you) or is registered with us! Bringing your company to the attention and finding the right match is our mission.


We take care of the viewings and provide the candidates with all the necessary information and keep in touch with them and you.

We periodically provide you with statistics of website visitors.


We conduct sales negotiations with a screened buyer and, after verbal agreement, we then take care of the written record, purchase agreement, of the agreements between you and the potential buyer.


We maintain contact with the buyer, pay attention to any resolutive conditions and follow the matters that the buyer must handle before the transfer.

The purchase is completed with the delivery, a document in which things are recorded. Naturally, we provide a reliable payment method via our Third Party Account.


Sell ​​your hotel?

Are you planning to get your hotel to sell? There can be several reasons why you want to sell your hotel. You have no successor, you are approaching retirement age or, for example, because your hotel is not (any longer) running well. But it may also be good that you want to buy a new hotel and therefore put the current one up for sale.

Whatever the reason for the sale of your hotel, we can assist you in all cases as an expert catering broker. We have sold many hotels throughout the country in recent years. And despite the corona pandemic, you can easily sell your hotel for a good price.

And with a large network of both private and business buyers, you can count on your hotel to be sold in no time. We take care of the entire sale of your hotel.

Really from A to Z! This way you can continue to focus on your core business during the sale of your hotel. In short, do you need support with the sale of your hotel? We at HAP Horecamakelaardij are happy to get to work for you. 

We will talk to you and draw up a sales plan for your hotel. Evaluate the market value and present your hotel to the right buyers. We provide the right deal!


Sell ​​your catering property quietly

Would you rather not have it known everywhere that your catering business is for sale? With us it is also possible to offer your catering business via silent sale.

In that case, your catering company will not be offered via Funda in Business, for example, but we will then only make use of our powerful own network.


Discrete catering sales

We are regularly asked whether our complete range is online. This is not the case. We work a lot with our network. And because of this, some catering properties are not even available online. As soon as it becomes known that a catering property is going up for sale, the sale can go quickly.

That is why it is important to be 'known' to our catering brokers. If they are aware of your sales wishes, they can help you with the search and put you in touch with an interested party(ies).

The advantage for the buyer:
A potential buyer, who is known to us, can be informed before the market about catering companies that are for sale or have just come up for sale. Since our catering brokers know what the buyer is looking for, he will be offered a targeted offer. The more accurately we are aware of the wishes, the better we can inform the buyer.

The advantage for the seller:
Discreet selling prevents anyone from entering the seller's home. However, this also has disadvantages, as a normal sale usually manages to get the maximum amount from the market. It is therefore important to agree with a catering broker whether a discreet sale is interesting.

In some cases, we discreetly put the catering business on sale, but this did not lead to a sale. The most logical next step is to offer the company to the market through a regular sales process.

We usually try to avoid that our name is linked to the company name of the catering company that is going up for sale. This way we prevent Google from linking the company to our activities.

A frequently heard argument is: 'I would like to sell my catering business discreetly, because I am afraid that my guests will stay away and my staff will walk away if they know that the catering company is for sale.'

However, practice shows that this is not the case (with some exceptions). Your guests and staff will understand if you decide to slow down or take the next step.

The exception to the rule does exist. If you have a company that depends to a large extent on pre-planned weddings, it is important to consult with your catering broker. And plan the sale well.


The catering sales broker in the Netherlands!

There are quite a few things to consider when selling your catering business. Things you may have little or no knowledge of yourself. We at HAP Horecamakelaardij are your catering broker for the sale of your catering facility.

We are 100% committed to selling your catering business as quickly as possible, and also for the best price. Our team consists of 5 brokers who are specialized in the sale of investment properties and corporate takeovers. Thanks to a large mountain of knowledge and experience, we know exactly how we can best guide you. We assist you from the first conversation to the final sale. And because we operate from three regional offices, there is always a HAP Horeca catering broker who can assist you with the sale of your hotel, restaurant or other catering business. 

So, looking for a good catering sales broker in the Netherlands? We like to help you!


Frequently asked questions about a sell catering business

Selling a catering business during COVID-19 certainly doesn't have to be difficult. The supply of available companies has decreased sharply in the past year. This was most likely caused by the strong support measures.

Nevertheless, many new entrants remain active and we see the supply increase. COVID-19 therefore does not have to be a reason to stagnate the sale of your catering property.

Because the number of transactions has fallen, it is more difficult to determine what COVID-19 has done to the price of the companies.

What is certain is that existing entrepreneurs have already taken the "pain" of COVID-19. This, in combination with the decrease in available companies, means that reasonably normal prices are still being paid for catering companies.

Do you want to sell your catering business immediately? Contact us!

Do you want to sell your catering business? HAP catering brokerage is happy to help you on your way. During a no-obligation introductory meeting, we are happy to explain all the ins and outs about our sales process.

We take care of the entire sale from A to Z. You can think of doing a valuation and compiling a brochure. But also arranging viewings, for example. We have all the knowledge and expertise in house to assist you in an appropriate manner. More information about selling your catering industry can be found here.

Would you like to know immediately what to take into account when selling your catering business? We have a handy checklist before sale, so you know what to look out for.

Do you want to sell your restaurant? Is your bistro for sale? Or do you offer an eatery for takeover? And do you want to be assisted by a catering broker? Then we can take care of the complete sale of your restaurant. We ensure the right price and settlement of the sale of your restaurant.

Selling a hotel sounds simple, but it is highly specialized work. First of all, there is the distinction between a hotel as a company and hotel real estate. The first, a hotel as a business (better known as the business operation), is actually sold at all times. The second, the hotel property, can be sold, or if it concerns a rental property, the rental rights are transferred.

By business operation we mean the business layout, inventory, website, trade name and goodwill. Since there is a transfer of business, the exploitation also includes certain other rights and obligations, including the employee. In most cases there will be an asset/liability transaction which means as much as selling exactly specified assets and sometimes liabilities. As a rule, property is mainly sold. With the proceeds from this, the seller settles its (financial and tax) obligations.

Another option is to sell the shares of the BV. In that specific case, the entire company with the current balance sheet position is sold. This is completely different from an asset-liability transaction from a tax, legal and financial point of view.

Whichever option is chosen, hotel real estate is always part of the deal. The property is at the service of the company and is also considered as such in the valuation. This is called exploitation-related real estate. In short, selling a hotel is specialist work.


What do customers think?

Jeroen is a real professional. He works adequately and is aware of everything.
His all-round knowledge comes in handy when drafting complicated contracts.
In this way he also makes this part of the process understandable for everyone.
Theo Miedema (Port of Zandvoort)
I can certainly recommend HAP Horecamakelaardij. They are flexible, honest and think along with you.
Atacan Uslu (Corendon Hotels & Resorts)
I had all kinds of questions about doing business on a beach. If HAP Horecamakelaardij did not have an immediate answer, they went after it. Adequate and very pleasant!
Wessel Teune (Beach Club Nius)
Communication is short and to the point. Jeroen Pontenagel is easily accessible and has a flexible attitude. Very pleasant for busy entrepreneurs!
Aagtje Docter (Beach Club No5)
On the advice of a fellow entrepreneur, we ended up with Jeroen Pontenagel of HAP Horecamakelaardij. Jeroen is well-known from the Zwolle catering industry and had also successfully supervised the sale of that conscious entrepreneur. The feeling was good right away, so we didn't look any further!
Ton and Annette van Riele (Grand Café Public)
Hap is a specialized catering broker. Jeroen has found a very nice location for us, where we have been running our restaurant for 2 years now. He understands the market and gives honest advice.
Hermanus Flowers
The hospitality broker with a personal approach. Even received a crib as a gift for our first child. Bought my catering business from and sold with HAP.
Lotte Berkelmans
Sell ​​your catering?

HAP Horecamakelaardij is happy to help you with the sale of your catering property!

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