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Selling catering Noord-Holland

Do you remember your to sell a catering facility in North Holland? Or do you want to rent out your catering industry in North Holland? Then with HAP Horecamakelaardij you have an excellent choice. We are known as an excellent catering broker when we talk about the sale of your catering industry in North Holland.

You can contact us for the sale of your lunchroom, hotel and any other catering facility in North Holland. For example, you can sell your property in Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Volendam or Haarlem. We take care of the entire sales part for you. From the introduction and valuation to the actual sale of the property.

An advantage that you have with us is that we have an extensive network and also broad knowledge of the market. This gives us a good idea of ​​which catering entrepreneurs have an interest in a new catering business. Together with you, we will search our network for the right buyer for your catering property. We also have experts in various regions who are happy to assist you in the sale of your catering business.

Are you looking for a catering broker in North Holland to sell your catering business? The brokers of HAP Horecamakelaardij are happy to assist you in the sale of your catering industry! And that always on the basis of "No cure no pay".

Do you want to sell your catering property in North Holland?
We arrange everything from A to Z for you!


Why HAP Hospitality brokerage?

We work nationwide from
three regional offices
More than 20
years of experience
We operate nationwide

No cure no pay

Independent deal maker
A large network
to the point
object information
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and flexible

We arrange the right buyer in North Holland!

We at HAP Horecamakelaardij have a lot of knowledge of the catering market. In addition, we are a real household name within the catering sector. It therefore really offers a number of advantages to sell your catering facility in North Holland through HAP Horecamakelaardij. Partly because of this, we as a catering broker in North Holland have already sold many properties with satisfaction in recent years.

At HAP Horecamakelaardij we have a large network of more than 4.500 registered seekers. This network includes a large number of entrepreneurs who are regularly interested in new catering establishments in North Holland. As a result, we know exactly where to offer your catering industry to be sold in order to achieve a smooth sale.

We really want to make your catering industry to be sold known to a large audience. Throughout the Netherlands, not just in North Holland. But also in Utrecht, Friesland, Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland en Drenthe. It is possible that an entrepreneur from, for example, the east of the country is interested in your catering business. 

Are you thinking of selling your catering industry in North Holland through HAP Horecamakelaardij? With us, your catering industry receives all the care it is entitled to. Your property will be placed with our offer, and also on various sales sites. Is there a suitable buyer with us? We will put him in touch with you for a smooth and expert sale.


HAP is your catering broker in North Holland

Are you looking for a catering broker in North Holland for the sale of your hotel, bistro or maybe even cafeteria? Then you have come to the right place at HAP Horecamakelaardij! We are the catering broker when we talk about the sale of catering businesses in North Holland. From Amsterdam to Alkmaar, we have already been able to lead many successful sales.

Do you want to sell your catering industry in North Holland and are you looking for a catering broker who will assist you throughout the sales process? A catering broker where you can count on an expert sale? One that sells your 'baby' with care and attention? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Direct your catering sell in North Holland?

HAP's catering brokers are happy to assist you during the sale of your catering facility!


Checklist when selling catering in North Holland

We are happy to support you with the sale of your catering industry in North Holland. We have therefore drawn up a checklist for the sale of catering in North Holland. 

This checklist will give you a good idea of ​​the points that deserve attention during the sale of your catering facility.

Download our checklist right away! 


Sell ​​restaurant in North Holland

Do you want to sell your restaurant in North Holland? Do you want to take a different path or does the restaurant no longer run as desired? Whatever the reason for the sale of your catering industry, we are happy to assist you as a specialist catering broker in North Holland.

We assist you throughout the sales process. We start with the valuation of the catering property to be sold. We then link this to a thorough analysis that we align with our appraisers. In this way we always arrive at the correct market price for the restaurant to be sold. From a business exploitation in the form of goodwill and trade name, inventory or the property, we can arrange it for you!

Feel free to discuss the sales possibilities of your restaurant with our brokers. If you prefer to know the market price of the restaurant in advance, we will be happy to prepare an early sales advice for you. That way you immediately know what to expect.

Are you thinking of selling your restaurant in North Holland? Please contact Jeroen Pontenagel for a no-obligation consultation. As our sales broker in Noord-Holland, he is happy to assist you to ensure that the sale of your restaurant runs smoothly.


Sell ​​hotel in North Holland

Are you going to sell your hotel? And are you looking for a reliable and discreet buyer for your hotel? At HAP Horecamakelaardij we provide the right buyer for your hotel. The right buyer is of course different for every sale. Together with you in our large network, we will look for the right match with care and attention! And this is possible for both the operation and sale of your hotel.

Sell ​​your hotel? At HAP Horecamakelaardij we provide a buyer who is both discreet and reliable. The buyer for your hotel is of course different for every sale. Together we will look for a suitable buyer in our extensive network. In addition to sale, this can also be used for exploitation.

We take care of the entire sales process of the sale of your hotel for you, so you no longer have to worry about this and you can continue to focus on your business. We go through the following steps when selling your hotel:

This allows you to continue to focus on your core business and we ensure that the sales process runs in the right way. 


Hospitality in North Holland in the silent sale

You want to sell your catering industry, but would you rather not have this known to the general public? Do you prefer that it is only presented to the group that is really interested? Or is the sale less urgent? Then silent sales offers a suitable solution.

If you choose to sell your catering business by means of silent sales, your catering property will not be placed on sites such as Funda in Business or our own website. With silent sale catering Noord-Holland, your case will only be presented to parties from our network that are really interested.


The catering sales broker in North Holland

It is not always easy when you want to sell your catering business. Perhaps you have less experience with this and you do not know how to approach this. It is therefore important to be assisted by a party that does have the knowledge in-house. 

In addition, we also have a lot of experience in taking over companies and selling catering businesses. This allows us to provide you with excellent guidance during the sale. We assist you throughout the entire sales process from start to finish. We sell your catering facility with attention and care. After all, you have worked hard for this for years.

With a team of 5 brokers who are committed to ensuring a pleasant sale, you can count on us for quality. We have 3 regional offices located throughout the Netherlands. 

For example, a HAP Horecamakelaar estate agent is always available to assist with the sale of your catering property. Are you looking for an expert catering broker who assists you in the sale of your snack bar, bistro, hotel or other catering facility? Then you're in the right place with us!


Discrete catering sales in North Holland

We are regularly asked whether the entire range is online. Not all of the offer is online. The reason for this is our large network that we have at our disposal. When a catering business is offered for sale, the sector will be informed. 

In some cases, there is an immediate interest. It is therefore very important to be known at HAP Horecamakelaardij. Let us know your wishes and we can help you find a suitable buyer for your catering facility.

The benefit for the buyer
If you are looking for a catering business, please let us know your wishes. Have we found a suitable property? Then we will inform you. We can adjust our range to your wishes. The more precise these wishes, the more appropriate our properties in our offer.

The advantage for the seller
Discreet selling prevents many viewers and sellers from consulting with you. The disadvantage is mainly financial. In our experience, the yield is higher with a “standard” sale. Consult your catering broker for this choice.

It is possible that a discreet sale is not sold. The action we often take after this is to switch to “standard” sales. It is good for you to know that we want to avoid that your catering business is linked to our name. In this way we want to prevent Google from associating our activities with each other.

We see that catering entrepreneurs who want to sell their catering facility tend to go for discreet sales. They do this because the entrepreneurs fear a lack of staff and customers if the business comes up for sale.

We especially see that catering entrepreneurs who give up their catering establishment opt ​​for discreet sales. Fear of staff and customer problems is often the reason for this. In our experience, this is often not the case. In most cases, both customers and staff understand the circumstances, however reliable they may be.

An exception to this is when, for example, you hold parties or events for the long term. It is then advisable to adjust with the catering broker what is useful, and that you also communicate this clearly to your customers.


The trajectory for the sale of catering in North Holland

The route taken during the sale of a catering business is never the same. Where one has a sale without barriers, the other only encounters bumps. We don't know exactly how the process works, but basically we go through the following steps:


We come by for an introduction and ask you for all important information and data for the sale of your catering business.

Then we will draw up a plan of approach for the sale. We make agreements for the assignment to provide services.

Valuation / asking price

Then we will draw up a valuation based on your data. The starting point for determining the selling price.

We determine the sale price together and we offer the catering property on the market from HAP.


A good presentation is important for the first impression! All information recorded in a beautifully designed brochure should therefore not be missed.

Your catering business will be placed on our website and on other well-known catering sites. If you want to wait a little longer to inform the market, that space is also available.


Our network plays an important role during the sales process of your catering business. The sale can sometimes go quickly.

It is possible that a potential buyer keeps a close eye on our offer or that he is informed via via. Our goal is to find the perfect buyer for your catering business.


The appointments for the viewings are made through us. We manage the planning and ensure that interested parties are provided with all the information. We keep short lines with those who are interested.

You regularly receive the status. And of course the results of the website visitors, specifically for your catering property.


A new buyer has come forward and has been assessed. HAP then conducts the sales negotiations and all matters are coordinated.

After an oral agreement, the agreements are recorded in a written record, the purchase agreement.


The purchase has been arranged and we maintain contact with the buyer until the moment of transfer. We pay attention to any resolutive conditions and other matters that need to be arranged.

Finally, the delivery takes place. This is a document in which all agreements are recorded. Payment is made via a reliable payment method via a third-party account.


Frequently asked questions about catering sales North Holland

Selling a hotel in North Holland starts after an introductory meeting, soon with a valuation. During the valuation, the property is looked at, but also the goodwill and inventory of the catering facility.

In this way we can establish an appropriate market price for the catering property. Other facets that we look at in the valuation are turnover, profit, cash flow and possible shares.

There are several approaches that can be used for the valuation of a catering facility. All approaches are based on different aspects. Examples of this are the cash flow or turnover and profit. Furthermore, the location and growth potential are important elements when determining the price of a catering property.

Selling your catering business in North Holland does not have to be difficult during the pandemic. Due to the measures, we see the catering establishments decrease somewhat. Nevertheless, we see that entrepreneurs often remain active and because of this we see the range of catering establishments increase considerably in the future. The pandemic therefore certainly does not have to be a reason to slow down the sale of your catering industry in North Holland.

An advantage that we have is a wide network of potential buyers, so that the sale can be concluded quickly. In addition, we take care of the entire sales process for you, so you don't have to worry about this. This allows you to fully focus on your core business. Our team consists of expert brokers, so you can rely on a discreet sale of your lunchroom, hotel or cafe, for example.

What do customers think?
Jeroen is a real professional. He works adequately and is aware of everything.
His all-round knowledge comes in handy when drafting complicated contracts.
In this way he also makes this part of the process understandable for everyone.
Theo Miedema (Port of Zandvoort)
I can certainly recommend HAP Horecamakelaardij. They are flexible, honest and think along with you.
Atacan Uslu (Corendon Hotels & Resorts)
I had all kinds of questions about doing business on a beach. If HAP Horecamakelaardij did not have an immediate answer, they went after it. Adequate and very pleasant!
Wessel Teune (Beachclub Nius)
Communication is short and to the point. Jeroen Pontenagel is easily accessible and has a flexible attitude. Very pleasant for busy entrepreneurs!
Aagtje Docter (Beachclub No5)
On the advice of a fellow entrepreneur, we ended up with Jeroen Pontenagel of HAP Horecamakelaardij. Jeroen is well-known from the Zwolle catering industry and had also successfully supervised the sale of that conscious entrepreneur. The feeling was good right away, so we didn't look any further!
Ton and Annette van Riele (Grand Café Public)
Hap is a specialized catering broker. Jeroen has found a very nice location for us, where we have been running our restaurant for 2 years now. He understands the market and gives honest advice.
Hermanus Flowers
The hospitality broker with a personal approach. Even received a crib as a gift for our first child. Bought my catering business from and sold with HAP.
Lotte Berkelmans
Do you want to sell your catering property in North Holland?

HAP Horecamakelaardij is happy to help you with the sale of your catering property!

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