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Selling catering Gelderland

Uw Selling a catering business in Gelderland? Or rent out a catering company in Gelderland? HAP Horecamakelaardij is the catering broker in the Netherlands. We are happy to assist you during the sale or rental of your catering facility in Gelderland.

From the sale of a grand café or bar to hotels, restaurants or other catering establishments in Gelderland, we have you covered. Sell ​​your catering business in, for example, Apeldoorn, Harderwijk, Nunspeet or Winterswijk.

HAP Horecamakelaardij assists you during the entire sales process, from A to Z. From making a valuation, drawing up a sales brochure to finding the right buyer and viewings. We arrange it all for you!

We have a broker in every region who can fully assist you with the sale and who will work with you to find the right interested person for your catering business. We have a wide network of potential buyers and also a lot of knowledge of the catering market, so we know exactly which catering entrepreneurs are interested in your catering company.

So, are you looking for a catering broker in Gelderland for the sale of your catering business? We at HAP Horeca are happy to help you with the sale or rental of your catering industry, always based on "No cure no pay".

Do you want to sell your catering property in Gelderland?
We arrange everything from A to Z for you!


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We arrange the right buyer in Gelderland!

Selling your catering business through HAP Horecamakelaardij has many advantages. We are known within the catering industry and have a lot of knowledge of the current market. That is also the reason that in recent years we have already satisfactorily sold many catering properties in not only Gelderland, but also in ao Overijssel, Friesland, Drenthe, Utrecht, Noord-Holland, Flevoland and Limburg.

We have a large network of more than 4.500 registered seekers, which includes many entrepreneurs who are regularly looking for new catering establishments in Gelderland. This means that we know exactly to which party we can introduce your catering business in order to ensure a quick sale of your business.

But that is not everything! We also ensure that the sale of your catering business is 'really' put on the map. Both in Gelderland and throughout the Netherlands. Because it is possible that an entrepreneur from another province in the Netherlands is interested in your catering business.

Are you going to sell your catering business through HAP Horecamakelaardij? Then we ensure that your catering business gets all the attention it deserves. Your catering facility will be placed on various sales sites such as Funda in Business and will of course also appear with our own offer. Has the right buyer been found? We will then put you in touch with the buyer, so that the sale can go smoothly.


HAP is your catering broker in Gelderland

Are you looking for a catering broker in Gelderland? A catering broker who can assist you during the sale of your restaurant, hotel or maybe even lunchroom or grand café?

The brokers of HAP Horecamakelaardij are specialized in the sale of catering companies throughout the Netherlands and also in Gelderland. From Apeldoorn to Arnhem and from Harderwijk to Nijmegen, you can always count on the right sale of your business.

Are you planning to sell your catering business in Gelderland? And do you want to be assisted by a professional catering broker? A catering broker who assists you in the right way from A to Z? Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


Direct your catering sell in Gelderland?

HAP's catering brokers are happy to assist you during the sale of your catering facility!


Checklist when selling catering in Gelderland

We are happy to help you with the sale of your catering business in Gelderland with our checklist. Our checklist provides a complete overview of what you should consider when selling your hotel, restaurant, lunchroom, grand café or other catering business. 

You can easily download the checklist below.


Sell ​​restaurant in Gelderland

Do you want to sell your current restaurant in Gelderland? For example because you are approaching retirement age? Or because there are no candidates in the family who want to take over the business? Whatever reason you have for selling your catering business, HAP Horecamakelaardij is happy to help you as a catering broker in Gelderland.

Our catering brokers value the catering business to be sold and include the results in a detailed analysis, which they then coordinate with our appraisers. The fair market value results from this and it is determined what a good selling price is for your catering business. From a business exploitation in the form of goodwill and trade name, inventory or the property, we can arrange it for you!

HAP Horecamakelaardij's catering brokers are happy to advise you about the possibilities for selling your restaurant in Gelderland. Would you like to know in advance what the market value of your restaurant is, so that you have an idea of ​​the possible selling price? Of course you can! We are happy to prepare sales advice in good time, so that you know in advance what to expect.

Selling a restaurant in Gelderland? Please feel free to contact Jeroen Pontenagel for a consultation. As our sales broker in Gelderland, he will be happy to help you sell your catering business in the right way.


Sell ​​hotel in Gelderland

Are you about to sell your hotel in Gelderland? Then of course you want to be assisted by a reliable and discreet sales broker. Then you have come to the right place. We at HAP Horecamakelaardij ensure that you can look back on the sale of your hotel with peace of mind.

Together with you, we look for the most suitable buyer in our extensive network and always ensure a suitable match. And this for both the operation and sale of your hotel.

We take care of everything from A to Z during the entire process, so that you don't have to worry about sales and you can continue to focus on your own business. We go through the following steps during the sale of your hotel:


Sell ​​catering on the Gelderse Veluwe

The Veluwe is a very wooded area mainly located in the province of Gelderland.

The tourist area is known for its good facilities for cyclists and walkers. The nature reserve is beautiful to visit in every season. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many good and fun catering companies in the Veluwe.

As catering brokers, we see that there is a high demand for catering companies in the Veluwe. Our specialists can provide you with excellent service when selling your catering facility in the Veluwe, but you have also come to the right place for the purchase of, for example, a family hotel. 

Well-known villages on the Veluwe are:

If you are considering buying or selling a catering business or catering property in the Veluwe, please contact the specialists at HAP Horecamakelaardij.


Horeca in Gelderland in the silent sale

Do you want to sell your catering business, but does this not have to be announced everywhere? Do you want it to be made known only to the target audience with interest? Or are you not in much of a hurry to sell your catering business?

In that case, it is advisable to sell your catering business in the silent sale. If you opt for silent sales, we will not put your catering business on sales sites, nor on our own site. 

With silent sales in Gelderland, we only present your catering business to potential entrepreneurs from our network who might be interested in your business.


XNUMX star hotel selling on the Veluwe

Are you the owner of a hotel in the Veluwe? And would you like to sell this hotel? There is often more to selling a hotel than you initially thought. It is therefore important to have a catering broker with the right expertise assist you during the sale of your hotel in the Veluwe.

HAP Horecamakelaardij can and would like to help you with this. We specialize in hotel operation and hotel real estate throughout the Netherlands, including the Veluwe.

With more than 20 years of experience in the hotel industry, we know all the tricks of the trade and we always ensure that you receive the best price for your hotel. Whether it's about the lease or the sale of your hotel, we will look for the most suitable candidate together with you. Over the years we have built up a large customer base. This includes many potential interested parties with whom we can put you in touch for the sale or rental of your hotel in the Veluwe.

In the meantime, if you engage us as a catering broker, you can fully focus on your current business. We guide you in determining the value of your hotel, collecting essential data for the sales brochure up to, among other things, the selection of the right buyer, drawing up the purchase or rental agreement and finally the actual transfer.


The trajectory for the sale of catering in Gelderland

The route taken during the sale of a catering business is never the same. Where one has a sale without barriers, the other only encounters bumps. We don't know exactly how the process works, but basically we go through the following steps:


We come by for an introduction. We ask you for all important information and data for the sale of your catering business.

We then draw up an action plan for the sale. And agreements are laid down in a service order.

Valuation / asking price

We can then draw up a valuation based on all the data and your input. This is the starting point for determining the selling price.

We then determine the sales price together and Horeca Advies Partners offers it to the market.


Everything stands or falls with a good presentation! A brochure with all information about the catering business should therefore not be missing.

In addition to this brochure, your catering business will be placed on our website and on other well-known catering sites. If you choose not to immediately inform the market, that is also possible.


Our network plays a major role in the sale of your catering business. Because of this, a buyer is sometimes closer than you think.

Perhaps the potential buyer is already known to you or has made himself known to us. Informing the market and finding a suitable buyer is our mission.


The viewings are done through us. We plan and provide interested parties with all information. We also maintain contact with this potential buyer.

And, of course, we regularly report back on the state of affairs. You also receive the statistics of the website visitors.


The buyer has reported and has been screened. We then conduct the sales negotiations and coordinate everything.

The oral agreement is then recorded in a written record, the purchase agreement.


The purchase has been arranged and we maintain contact with the buyer until the moment of transfer. We pay attention to any resolutive conditions and other matters that need to be arranged.

Then the delivery takes place. This is a document in which all matters are recorded. Payment is made via a reliable payment method via a third-party account.


Frequently asked questions about catering sales Gelderland

The sale of a hotel in Gelderland starts with an introductory meeting, after which the valuation must be carried out fairly quickly. During the valuation, we look at the real estate, but also the goodwill and inventory of the catering facility.

This allows us to determine the correct sales price for the catering property. The aspects that are included in the valuation are turnover, profit, cash flow and any shares.

There are several methods to determine the value of a catering facility. Each method is based on different variables. This can be, for example, cash flow or, for example, turnover and profit. The established location and possible growth potential are also important factors in determining the value of a catering property.

Selling your catering business in Gelderland during the pandemic does not have to be difficult. We see that the supply of catering establishments has declined quite a bit recently, which can be explained by the strong support measures. But despite this, many entrepreneurs remain active and we see the supply of catering facilities increasing sharply. The pandemic therefore does not have to be a reason to stagnate the sale of your catering industry in Gelderland.

We have a wide network of potential buyers, so that the sale can be closed quickly. In addition, we take the entire sales process off your hands, so that you can continue to focus on your core business during the sale. With a team of experienced brokers, you can count on a discreet sale of your hotel, restaurant or snack bar, for example.


Discrete catering sales in Gelderland

We often get the question whether all our offer is online. No, not all of our sales are online. This is partly due to our extensive network. As soon as the industry knows that a catering business is going up for sale, there can sometimes be interest in the short term.

This only shows the value that it is very useful to be known among the catering brokers of Hap-makelaardij. If we are aware of your wishes, we can help you find a targeted successor for your business.

The advantage for the buyer:
Are you looking for a catering business and your wishes are known to us, then you can be informed about our offer before the market. The more precise your wishes, the better our offer can be tailored to this.

The advantage of the seller:
Discreet selling prevents you from getting a lot of potential viewers/sellers to visit. The disadvantage is mainly financial, because experience shows that with a 'normal' sale the proceeds are often higher. Your catering broker can advise you whether discreet sales are interesting.

It is possible that a discreet sale does not lead to a sale. The next step is usually to include the sale in the regular sale.

It is good to know that we try to avoid that our name is not linked to the catering business that goes on sale. With this we try to prevent Google from linking our activities together.

Catering entrepreneurs who put their catering business up for sale tend to opt for discreet sales. They are often afraid that staff or guests will immediately leave as soon as the property comes up for sale.

Experience shows that this does not happen very often. Guests and staff usually fully understand the situation, no matter how unfortunate or disappointed.

The exception to the rule is, for example, if your company has a lot of long-term celebrations and parties. Then it is important to coordinate what the catering broker advises in this regard. And it is clearly communicated to the outside world what this means for guests.


Sell ​​the catering industry real estate agent in Gelderland

The sale of your catering business involves quite a lot, including issues that you do not have to deal with on a daily basis. With us you can count on brokers with the right knowledge and expertise when it comes to business takeovers and the sale of catering. Catering brokers who assist you from the beginning to the end of the sale.

With a team of 5 professional brokers, who are committed to the utmost, we guarantee a quick sale for the best possible price. And because we have three regional offices throughout the Netherlands, there is always a catering broker in your region. Are you looking for a professional catering broker in Gelderland? Please feel free to contact us!


Sell ​​hotel Veluwe

Are you about to sell your hotel in the Veluwe? Are you approaching retirement age? Or is it no longer working properly? Whatever the reason for the sale of your Hotel in the Veluwe, we are happy to assist you as an expert catering broker.

From our experience, pricing is one of the most important facets when selling your hotel in the Veluwe. The brokers of HAP Horecamakelaardij are very knowledgeable in the field of pricing for catering properties. Nothing beats their cap in this area! Our experts provide a complete and extensive valuation. This pricing from HAP is therefore of the highest level, which gives you an exceptionally good picture of your hotel value!

What we excel with compared to competitors is our 20 years of experience in the purchase and sale of catering properties that we have at our disposal. This is of great value to you when it comes to selling your hotel in the Veluwe. If you want to get rid of your hotel, you can choose to sell, rent or operate the hotel. It is essential that you carefully consider this choice and we are happy to help you with this. Whatever your wishes are, we will arrange it for you!

If you have any questions about the sale of your hotel in Veluwe, you can contact us for a free consultation.


What do customers think?

Jeroen is a real professional. He works adequately and is aware of everything.
His all-round knowledge comes in handy when drafting complicated contracts.
In this way he also makes this part of the process understandable for everyone.
Theo Miedema (Port of Zandvoort)
I can certainly recommend HAP Horecamakelaardij. They are flexible, honest and think along with you.
Atacan Uslu (Corendon Hotels & Resorts)
I had all kinds of questions about doing business on a beach. If HAP Horecamakelaardij did not have an immediate answer, they went after it. Adequate and very pleasant!
Wessel Teune (Beachclub Nius)
Communication is short and to the point. Jeroen Pontenagel is easily accessible and has a flexible attitude. Very pleasant for busy entrepreneurs!
Aagtje Docter (Beachclub No5)
On the advice of a fellow entrepreneur, we ended up with Jeroen Pontenagel of HAP Horecamakelaardij. Jeroen is well-known from the Zwolle catering industry and had also successfully supervised the sale of that conscious entrepreneur. The feeling was good right away, so we didn't look any further!
Ton and Annette van Riele (Grand Café Public)
Hap is a specialized catering broker. Jeroen has found a very nice location for us, where we have been running our restaurant for 2 years now. He understands the market and gives honest advice.
Hermanus Flowers
The hospitality broker with a personal approach. Even received a crib as a gift for our first child. Bought my catering business from and sold with HAP.
Lotte Berkelmans
Do you want to sell your catering property in Gelderland?

HAP Horecamakelaardij is happy to help you with the sale of your catering property!

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