Buying or selling a hotel
Where should you start? What is the value of my hotel? Do I also want to sell my real estate? Or rather rent it out.

Why is it buying or selling a hotel so specific?

De hotel market is complex and it is therefore advisable to engage an expert hospitality broker when selling a hotel or buying a hotel. This has to do with, among other things, the separation of ownership, exploitation and label. Below is a brief overview of the options:

  • The difference in ownership. Do you own or rent the property?
  • The difference in rental forms

A. Do you rent the property in the traditional way on the basis of art. 7:290 BW at a fixed rent per year or, for example, with a turnover-related component;

B. Are you renting the property hull or turn key;

C. Are you only in possession of the exploitation rights by means of a management contract.

D. Or do you operate a hotel “stand alone” or are you affiliated with a chain through a franchise contract.

'Sale & Leaseback', or 'Sale & Manageback' are common slogans in the hotel market.
But the complexity of buying or selling a hotel goes further and this can partly be traced back to the (geographical) location of the hotels. The hotel density in the Netherlands is nowhere as high as in Amsterdam and Schiphol.
The chain density is also highest here. Rotterdam, The Hague and, for example, Utrecht and Maastricht follow at an appropriate distance. Entering the hotel market in these cities is difficult and capital intensive.

The largest chains are located in the major cities. An exception to this is, for example, Van der Valk, who prefers strategic (highway) road locations and Fletcher Hotels, who prefers strategic tourist locations.
It is slightly easier to enter the hotel market outside the major cities. Because there is also much less chain formation here. However, here are other challenges to keep in mind:

  • How do I reach my target group and keep my target group in an aging society;
  • How do I keep my room rates and occupancy rates high;
  • Can I professionalize and digitize my company enough to keep up with the modern consumer;
  • Does it pay (sufficiently) to join a chain;
  • Hotel size determines viability.

There are also different types of hotels, namely:

  • Hotel;
  • resort;
  • Motel;
  • Bed & Breakfast;
  • guest house;
  • group accommodation;
  • Business hotel or tourist hotel;
  • hostel;

If you are considering taking over a hotel, buying a hotel or selling a hotel, we are the right hospitality broker to advise and guide you in this. Our knowledge of the hotel market, forms of exploitation in combination with our network means that we can really add value.

Whether it concerns the rental of the real estate or the sale of the hotel real estate and whether it concerns the search for the right acquisition candidate for the business operation of the hotel.

Would you like to make an appointment immediately?

Do you want your hotel or hotel building sold?

Where should you start? What is the value of my hotel? Do I also want to sell my real estate? Or rather rent it out.

To all these questions, and more, the catering brokers from HAP Catering brokerage an answer. The specialized employees have years of experience with the purchase and sale of hotels, hotel buildings, hotel real estate, hotel operations and rented hotels.

Due to the goodwill we have built up, we often sell hotels discreet. HAP Horecamakelaardij sells hotels throughout the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to the Limburg hills, Drenthe, Twente or the Veluwe. The Achterhoek, Friesland and the Wadden Islands are also popular hotel locations.

Selling involves a wide spectrum of factors. There are emotional, legal and business aspects that come into play. It is precisely by knowing and recognizing these that we can advise you as well as possible. We make the difference with a data-driven approach in combination with a personal approach.

Our huge database of candidates from home and abroad gives us a competitive edge over other hospitality brokers. In addition, our memberships at BOBB, Vastgoedpro and the partnerships with KHN and Horecabrains give us a unique position within the Dutch hospitality brokerage.

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