Administrative management
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Administrative management

You do not need red tape, but you want to keep the technical matters under control. The outsourcing of administrative management is relieved by the very complete and professional back office of our department.

Administrative management means that we take care of all administrative tasks such as invoicing, collection, reminder and indexing. In addition, if desired, the necessary rental contracts and documents are drawn up by our office and provided to you. The re-letting of your properties can be carried out at a reduced rate by HAP Horecamakelaardij. If we detect that your tenant is paying too little rent for the rented space, we can arrange for a professional rent review procedure.

HAP Beheer Horeca Panden has a lot of experience in drawing up (catering-specific) rental contracts and is aware of current legislation and regulations.

The rental income and deposits are paid through our third-party funds account of Stichting Derdengelden.

The standard administrative fee is 4% of the rental income (+ service and other costs) that we actually collected for you. In most cases we can pass this on to the tenant. For setting up the administration and management we charge € 795, = excl. VAT once.

Please contact us for more information by means of a no-obligation introductory meeting. You can reach us by phone on the number + 31 (0) 85-760 0229, by email at management@hap-horecamakelaardij.nl.

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